Create a playroom that can grow with your child

Portable buildings in Missouri are amazingly versatile, that is one of the reasons why they are so popular nowadays. The fact that they can be customized opens a wide spectrum of  uses that you can give them. 

One of the ways in which a portable building can be used is as a playroom for your kids and make it easy to upgrade it as they grow older. Here are some ideas and suggestions to make your portable building an attractive space to hang out in when it’s too cold or wet to be outdoors or simply because it’s just a great room where kids or teenagers want to be!

Playroom For Your Kids

Insulation: If your portable building is meant for people being inside for long periods of time and you live in a place that has a cold or rainy climate, it makes sense to insulate it so that they can be there, in a comfortable and cozy environment. 

Lighting: installing good lighting can create a cool and inviting space to play in. It makes it easy to see for kids, when they are drawing and painting, as well as for cleaning up and putting toys away and finding small pieces, like Legos or board game parts, to put back in their place.

Area rugs: For a space that is meant for children, it seems like a good idea to lay out area rugs on the flooring of your portable building; not only are they easy to pull out, sweep and air, but when doing this periodically, you avoid dust and mold setting on them. The floor in itself can be swept and mopped easily. 

Reading nook: an open bookshelf, especially the kind which allows for you to see the covers of the books, and a cozy couch, throw cushions or even a small tee-pee make it an inviting place for your little bookworms or even for you, as you keep an eye on your kids or read them stories. Once your kids have grown up into tweens or teens, you can update the space for them and give them an armchair to cuddle up for some serious reading. A throw blanket and a little jar of snacks can make this place very welcoming for teenage readers.

Art station: a rubber or plastic mat, a large desk or table and a shelf or a locker with art supplies like markers, crayons, watercolors, paintbrushes and containers filled with stamps, yarn, scissors, glue and anything you know will make the artist in your child happy for hours. Putting things in categories and labeling them helps your kids to learn where stuff goes. As your child grows, you can take the labels down but everything will still have their own place.

Toys: low shelving units and baskets or transparent containers in them, make wonderful organizers for all kinds of toys and can even help in categorizing them for easy identification and pick-up; dolls, toy cars, stuffed plushies, dress-up clothes can all go into their own container. When your children have outgrown their toddler or little kid’s toys, those shelves can hold board games for older children, hobby supplies, more books, a speaker for listening to music and all those collectibles that lots of teenagers seem to have!

Science corner: kids love nature and many children are happy picking up and collecting items they find outside, like pebbles, plants and insects. Give them a display table and utensils like a toy microscope, gloves, tweezers and magnifying glasses to help bring out the scientist in them. When they are older and if they still love science, just update the space according to their age with a desk their size, a simple but real microscope, glass slides and petri dishes, as well as a notebook and pens to record their findings!

Choosing nice colors to paint the inside, putting up framed artwork, a corkboard or a whiteboard, setting up a rack for shoes and slippers and a place to hang jackets and sweaters can all help give your portable building playroom a great look and above all, make it practical and inviting for the little ones that will grow up enjoying a playroom that grows up with them!

Author: Michelle Veytia


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