How to Create a Man Cave in a Portable Building

Everyone needs a personal, private space to hang out in, whether it is to work in peace and quiet, tend to our hobbies, listen to music, read or watch TV without any interruptions. Such a space is not always available inside a family’s house and this is when a portable building comes in very handy, with one more of its possible uses: a man cave! 

By definition, a man-cave is a room or other part of a house that is used by a man to relax and pursue hobbies away from the rest of the family. Man caves can be very different from each other, according to personal taste, interests and budget. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas we have for you, for creating the perfect man cave in your portable building. Once the insulation and lighting and electricity needs are met, get ready to have fun making this space your own!

Portable Building Man Cave Ideas

Entertainment Center: Installing a big screen is a must and from there, you can add features according to the things you like, for example, if you enjoy video games, a console is something that would fit in perfectly in this area, as well as speakers, in a custom built entertainment cabinet. Old-timers could even hook up their  VCR or DVD player and of course, their VCR or DVD collection! That huge screen and everything that goes with it, including all the remote controls for their exclusive use could be all that a guy wants, but read on, since there are lots of other features that can make this the perfect hideaway.

Comfortable Couch: a large, overstuffed couch is a great addition to any man cave; it can sit in front of the screen, to play video games or watch movies or sports events, and it helps when you have other guys over, plus, it’s the perfect place to lie down and take a nap without anyone complaining about the snoring! A few cushions and a throw, in case it gets cold, are all the extras you need to feel comfortable there. 

Another item that guys appreciate is a comfortable, reclinable massage chair to go and sit on after a long day at work. 

Grown-up Toys: depending on the size of your portable building and personal needs, a man cave can be outfitted with a pool table, an air hockey or a foosball table; also, if a guy likes board games, such as cards, backgammon or chess, a table for these kind of games can be put in for his enjoyment and that of his buddies. If you enjoy music and play an instrument, like an electric guitar, a keyboard or drums, you can keep them in your man cave and jam without interruptions!

Bar: A man cave could not be complete without at least a minibar. Having one to keep snacks and refreshments inside is a good place to start from, and can go all the way up to an actual bar with two or three high stools and a beer tap to invite friends over and relax with a cold one after a tough work week. 

Extra Decor: again, depending on your taste, needs and budget, there are features and items you can include in your man cave to make it even more personal, for example, neon signs of your favorite brands, framed posters of bands or sports teams, a dart board, a nice bed for your dog to keep you company and even a jukebox or arcade game machine as a cool touch.

A portable building is a wonderful space to transform into a man cave; check out our different models and the ways you can personalize them. You only have to be careful of one thing after you create an attractive space: hang a kind “keep out” sign on the door, as we are sure everyone in the family will want to use this man cave for themselves!

Author: Michelle Veytia


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